Why We Won’t Send You To Best Buy


Sometimes in our travels, the technicians end up taking some time to hang out at our local coffee shops in order to catch up on email, grab a coffee or even spend an afternoon if we are in between appointments. One day, you may walk into a local coffee shop and see that we have set up shop to answer questions for others having tech issues or just to overhear what other techs from other companies are doing for their clients.

Today was no different. We heard a technician sending a client to Best Buy to buy a computer.

While we like getting deals where we can, we usually won’t send you to Best Buy to get advice on a new machine. We may send you there to test out a screen or the weight of a laptop or phone so that you are comfortable with it before purchasing.


Because we know that there are other stores that have more qualified technicians working the sales floor. The Geek Squad may be in the store, but they are rarely behind the purchase counter. Your computer breaks, great, they can fix it for you. But pre-buying help, probably not.

As always, the CompUcoach team has seen a wide variety of technology usually within the breadth of a week. And since we deal mostly with things that are not working, we can tell you makes and models of items to avoid. Most big box retailers have a different crew for purchases versus returns versus repair.

This is where being small is to our Advantage.

We are part of SMB Advantage Group.

Tell us your coffee shop story? What tech did you glean in a coffee shop? Or how do you like your coffee?

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